April 13, 2024


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The Center for Computational Science 

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The Center for Computational Science

The Center for Computational Science

Researcher Yosuke Murase of the Discrete Event Simulation Research Team received the Excellence Award in the 18th DOCOMO Mobile Science Awards Social Science Category.

The DOCOMO Mobile Science Award aims to develop mobile communications in Japan and nurture young researchers.

Various social phenomena emerge from people’s activities, and if we can describe these phenomena based on the activities of individuals, we will be much closer to understanding phenomena and solving problems. Researcher Murase discovered a new equilibrium solution through his research on game theory, which deals with the relationship of trust that underlies social relationships, as well as the construction of a theoretical model of social networks based on communication records of mobile phones and SNSs on a national scale. This was highly acclaimed and received the award.

Photo: Researcher Murase giving a speech at the award ceremony
Researcher Murase giving a speech at the award ceremony Photo courtesy of NPO Mobile Communication Fund
[Reason for award]
In today’s society, where opinions are becoming sharper and society is becoming more fragmented, fusion research based on theory and empirical evidence from a different perspective will provide useful knowledge on the creation, maintenance, and management of group diversity. It can be evaluated as a tool that not only provides information, but also enhances the potential of supercomputer applications in sociological research.

[Researcher Murase’s comment]
I have been conducting theoretical analysis using mathematical models for social scientific issues such as the division of human relationship networks and social dilemmas. We are very pleased that our model construction and computational science research methods based on huge amounts of data have been highly evaluated. In the future, I would like to further explore the possibilities of applying supercomputers to sociological problems.
HP Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Nobuki Okado) has announced five new mobile workstation models, including the “HP ZBook Power,” which will be introduced to the lineup for the first time in Japan. We are announcing a solution that helps improve the productivity of data scientists. Get more power and performance, seamless collaboration, and limitless creative work with a modern solution built for creative professionals.

Transforming the way professionals create Professionals
demand the power to work quickly and smoothly, wherever they are. According to HP’s global survey, about half are working remotely or hybrid work styles, and 25% of professional creators who work on the go are struggling to maintain productivity (* 1). With 43% of architecture and engineering professionals wanting faster CPUs and 30% wanting faster GPUs, creators want devices that don’t interrupt or impede their workflow. I understand that. Whether it’s in the office, in your home workspace, or in an agile environment on the go, it accelerates workload-intensive tasks and seamlessly brings them to life wherever ideas strike. You need powerful, flexible technology that enables collaboration.

The “HP ZBook Power 15.6 inch G9” is a new model added to the ZBook family in Japan. It has excellent cost performance and is suitable for entry to middle range 3D CAD applications. The 12th generation Intel® Core™ H processor and NVIDIA® RTX A2000, a middle-range grade mobile GPU for professionals, can be installed, making it an optimal specification configuration for office use.

The HP ZBook Fury 16 inch G9, the top model of the HP ZBook, is a 12th generation Intel Core HX processor, a mobile CPU with performance equivalent to that for desktops, and a mobile GPU for professionals, the highest grade. NVIDIA RTX A5500 can be installed. Get the performance you need for workload-intensive tasks like 8K video editing, 3D visualization, data science, and machine learning.

The “HP ZBook Studio 16 inch G9”, which exhibits high performance in a thin and light design, is equipped with a 12th generation Intel Core H processor and NVIDIA RTX A5500, or the highest grade GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti for gaming and VR. Is possible. Validated by the NVIDIA Studio program, these models deliver consistent performance optimizations for popular creative applications and access to exclusive NVIDIA Studio software Omniverse, Broadcast and Canvas. .

“HP ZBook Firefly 14 inch G9” and “HP ZBook Firefly 16 inch G9” are the most mobile and can handle from 2D to entry 3D CAD. Equipped with a 12th generation Intel Core U processor and an entry-grade NVIDIA T550 professional GPU, and can be equipped with a maximum of 64GB memory, it is a thin and lightweight product with excellent performance and portability. Increase user productivity.
Workstations for
Data Science HP Japan announces “Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager” (*2), which facilitates configuration and management of workstations for data science. We are also adding preloaded models of our popular data science developer and execution tools to select workstation products.

Data scientists use computing power to extract business insights from data, but 42% of data scientists say setting up their environment takes too long(3). HP data science workstations accelerate the workflow of transforming complex data sets into actionable insights with the right tools, solving the challenges data scientists face every day.

“Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager” is the world’s first workstation graphical user interface (GUI) for customizing data science software that can be used on both Ubuntu and Microsoft WSL2 (*4). This makes it easier for data scientists and data analysts to customize and manage data science environments on a project-by-project basis, further accelerating workflows. This curated and managed software stack is tested and preloaded with popular data science tools such as PyTorch, Python, and NVIDIA RAPIDS, as well as selected packages from Intel’s oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit. , facilitating the construction of the optimal data science environment and setting up the environment in a short time.

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