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[2022] 39 recommended popular rankings of online game apps

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[2022] 39 recommended popular rankings of online game apps

[2022] 39 recommended popular rankings of online game apps

Recently, the performance of smartphones has improved, and there are many online game apps with beautiful graphics and rich functions. There are many things that can be played for free, and there are various genres such as MMORPG and RTS, so many people should be wondering which one to download.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce how to choose an online game app and recommended popular apps in a ranking format . Ranked in from classics to the latest and hidden masterpieces! Please find your favorite game.
The appeal of online game apps is that you can enjoy the game while interacting with players from all over the world . You can connect with friends who are far away through the app, so you can easily play games with them without worrying about where you are.

Finding new companions and friends through online game apps is one of the pleasures of online game apps . There are various genres, so enjoy online games while finding friends with similar tastes and hobbies.
MMORPG is recommended for those who want to start online game application casually. MMORPG is an abbreviation of “large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game”, and refers to online games that are generally imaged.

In addition to adventures and battles in the virtual world, it is characterized by the ability to chat with friends and cooperative play such as guild parties . It can also be used as a communication tool between friends, and there are plenty of replay elements such as changing avatars and strengthening equipment.
RTS (Real Time Strategy) is recommended for those who like to play games while making strategies . In a simulation game where you fight while giving instructions to characters, you can expand your territory to increase your power and install castle walls and equipment to prevent invasion from enemies. There are many games that you can play slowly and carefully for a long time, as the element of brain battle is strong. This genre is recommended for those who want to take their time and get addicted to games.
If you want to enjoy action and shooting games, the MMOFPS genre is perfect . It specializes in full-fledged battle action and shooting, such as using weapons to defeat enemies and monsters.

There are many games that can be enjoyed in a short period of time, and there are also games where you can create original weapons. There are some games that can be played without detailed operations using the auto function, so you can easily enjoy them without having to tap the screen of your smartphone over and over again.
If you have confidence in your sense of rhythm, how about playing a music game ? Aim for a high score by tapping buttons in time with the music or playing musical instruments.

Music games are usually played by one or two people, but there are many apps that support online, and it is possible to play against players all over the country . There are many games that can be played quickly in a short amount of time, so it is recommended to play in a little free time or to kill time.
Among the smartphone apps, there are many online sports games where you can fully enjoy baseball, soccer, and volleyball . Enjoying sports is common to all countries, so it is attractive to be able to connect with various players not only in Japan but all over the world .

There are many apps that use realistic graphics, and you can enjoy the realism just like the real thing . There are also apps that allow you to build a real team, and apps that allow you to develop players.
If you like to play games steadily, you may want to try playing a training-type app . As the name suggests, the real thrill of training apps is the process of raising characters and having them participate in events and battles after they have been raised.

Depending on the app, the characters you can raise vary, such as racehorses and monsters . You can play against players from all over the world with the characters you raised, and you can take your time and enjoy the game.
For online game apps, it is important to check the number of players and the presence or absence of overseas users . The number of players varies from 2 to 100 or more, depending on the app. If you want to play with only your friends, you can play with a small number of people, but if you want to enjoy interacting with various people, it is recommended to choose a game with as many players as possible.

Also, there are few Japanese users of apps that have just been imported from overseas, and it can be difficult to make friends. For those who are not good at communicating in languages ​​other than Japanese, it would be a good idea to first choose an app that has many Japanese users, or turn off chat until the number of Japanese users increases .
When playing online game apps, make sure that the amount of data in the game matches the capacity of your smartphone. In the case of games with strong elements to play, you may forget the time and play. However, since you are connected to the internet while playing, communication charges will be incurred.

Also, if the size of the app is too large, the movement of the 3D graphics may be jerky, or the communication may be cut off during play . Some apps have features that reduce battery consumption, so it’s a good idea to check them out.
For those who tend to loose their wallet strings, we recommend choosing an app that you can enjoy for free . Online game apps are fun the more you play them,

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