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[2022 new work] MMORPG latest recommended popularity ranking 25 selections!

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[2022 new work] MMORPG latest recommended popularity ranking 25 selections!

[2022 new work] MMORPG latest recommended popularity ranking 25 selections!

The series has sold over 1.2 million copies! TV anime broadcast decision! Let’s play the popular light novel “Seirei Gensuki” , where a boy with two memories confronts his destiny, on your PC or smartphone!

As long as you have an internet connection, you can play on a web browser, so you can play casually without downloading . Choose from the profession “Knight, Warrior, Clergy”, collect and train familiar characters and spirits such as “Rio” and “Celia” while arranging skills and equipment, and fight against otherworldly monsters. .

It’s an online RPG that everyone can enjoy together, such as searching for treasure with friends and defeating the world boss together, so it’s equipped with a convenient auto system! Let’s enjoy the powerful battle of chibi characters by raising the strength while enjoying abundant training!
The first new RPG for smartphones and PCs based on the TV anime “Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time” series, which has caused a great deal of attention both in Japan and overseas with its radical and heartbreaking story !

A popular fantasy comedy depicting a slightly erotic story in a different world where heterogeneous races such as demi-humans exist. can also be enjoyed in the game, so you can raise girls of various races by hand and fight on the battlefield where strong enemies await .

The second season of the TV anime “Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time Super Extra” is also on air and is attracting attention for its first game!
An MMORPG with realistic, smooth and seamless graphics, a high degree of freedom, and a powerful TPS-based non- target action where all players can play an active role as an attacker !

Be a horse owner and work hard to develop horses, including exhilarating and interesting battles that combine horse riding battles, large-scale battles, and close / long-range attacks. Or looking for underwater caves and ancient ruins, it is perfect for those who are looking for a “real MMORPG” .

In addition, you can build your own house in a part of the town and enjoy the interior, hold a screenshot photo session, and enjoy the game in your own way.
The latest MMORPG in the FF series with new maps, new jobs, new races, new stories, and high-quality graphics !

In conventional MMOs , classes and jobs are often bundled together . It is also a great attraction that you can become a job “Dragon Knight”, “Summoner Black Mage”, or “White Mage”.

In addition, it is a large-scale online game that you can enjoy for a long time in a magnificent world, such as “Chocobo Race” and “Casino” where you can play casually , “Housing” , and “Company Craft” where you can create items .
A new work based on the popular novel “Reincarnated Sage’s Life in Another World ~ Gaining a Second Profession and Becoming the Strongest in the World ~” from “Let’s Become a Novelist”, which has sold over 6 million copies in total . Browser game! The manga version is currently being serialized, but the TV anime is also receiving critical acclaim .

Yuji Sano, the main character who is summoned to another world, becomes the strongest and becomes unconsciously unrivaled . Let’s enjoy the taming and 3DCG incandescent battles unique to this work on the stage !

In addition to the usual Yuji, he also acquires second jobs such as the swordsman Yuji and the archer Yuji, aiming to become the strongest in another world!
“League of Angels” , which has been played by more than 150 million people worldwide and has been selected as the “BEST of Free GAME” for four consecutive years from 2015 to 2019, is the third and latest work in the series!

It’s not just a story that’s attached, it ‘s a magnificent story with deep relationships between characters and backgrounds, and the latest turn-based battles are well integrated . A next-generation browser MMORPG that is attractive!

Collect more than 50 hero characters of various races and train them with high-level elements, and conduct high-definition battles by thinking strategically about “hero formations” . The more you play, the more you can grasp the relationships between the characters, and the attachment will grow, so it is definitely recommended for those who want to enjoy it as an RPG !
Developed by KRAFTON (former Bluehole) in South Korea, which has a reputation for realistic and beautiful graphics and actions such as ‘TERA’ and ‘PUBG’, and the game title and system have been changed in April 2020.

Lost into the continent “Hearth”, which is a fusion of “fantasy” and “steampunk” worldviews such as floating islands and huge airships from another world , and confronted centering on “portal” to acquire powerful energy Get involved in two faction battles !

In order to return to the original world, you will belong to one of the camps and go on an adventure. Each class has a different fighting style, and you can enjoy speedy and exhilarating non-targeted combat action , a “Farming System” where you can get equipment, and a ” Faction Battle ” where you can enjoy large-scale cross-play between servers . Enjoy the best action with intense PvP and RvR!
Developed by SmileGate , creators of FPS “Crossfire” and MO action RPG “Soulworker” ! A new MMORPG with a very high action element that adopts a bird’s-eye view (quarter view) and hack and slash method !

An area consisting of 7 continents, more than 14 types of abundant classes, types and numbers of PvE/raid boss subjugation, interesting quests in addition to normal quests, secret dungeons, life elements, etc. All the systems necessary for MMORPG are high level.

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