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[2022 latest] Online game (PC game) transcendence recommended ranking 78 selections! (1st to 30th place) (pre-registration)

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[2022 latest] Online game (PC game) transcendence recommended ranking 78 selections! (1st to 30th place) (pre-registration)

[2022 latest] Online game (PC game) transcendence recommended ranking 78 selections! (1st to 30th place) (pre-registration)

RPG version of the popular original TV anime! A recommended new RPG featuring the world of the popular TV anime, whose cumulative circulation of the original novel exceeds 2 million minutes, will be distributed on “G123”. A pre-registration campaign is currently being held.

A highly anticipated new title that recreates the world of TV anime, for which the production of the second season has been decided, as a role-playing game. It is a must-see work that can be played immediately without downloading.

Basic play is free. It has been announced that a battle action will be developed in which a large number of goblins are subdued, and I am very much looking forward to the follow-up report. It’s a new browser game that fans can’t miss.
New PC & smartphone game during pre-registration training where DMM points worth 3000 yen are being held

dolphin wavePre-registration
0.0 point  0 cases
A beautiful girl x exhilarating marine sports RPG that HONEY PARADE GAMES plans to release in 2022 . We plan to support iOS/Android and DMM GAMES , so let’s jump into the glittering sea with your favorite device such as PC or smartphone.

The highlight is the water jet battle drawn with discerning 3D graphics. This is an original marine sport in which you run across the sea on a water machine called a UMI machine and destroy your opponent with gunner fire.

Challenge the cool and burning jet battle where 18 beautiful girls go to the sea with their dreams.
A new free-to-play action shooting game is now looking for playtest participants!

December 24thCBT recruitment
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Action FPS that you can play for free! A new PC game featuring action shooting battles with up to 18 players in a powerful first-person view is currently recruiting playtest participants.

A must-see indie game title with a shocking world view where all the characters appearing are “children”. It is a work that stands out for its controversial world view and setting, and we will be paying attention to future developments.

It is possible to build your own play style by using the 9 types of weapons that appear. The “lightness” that works even with CPU built-in graphics is also a great attraction of this action game work.
A new work ‘FPS that no one dies’ that challenges battles with slime bullets is looking for testers on Steam

Camp WarsCBT recruitment
0.0 point  0 cases
FPS where no one dies appears! Set in a sci-fi world, a new action game in which eight players are divided into two teams and clash in a “Capture the Flag” format battle is now available on Steam for free.

A must-see title that can be played by players of all ages with a soft world view that fires “slime bullets” to attack the opponent. Let’s enjoy playing aiming for victory by making full use of teamwork.

We are currently looking for a limited number of players to participate as testers. It is an indie action FPS game that is expected to require future updates and official version distribution in perfect condition.
The long-awaited sequel to the successful reboot will be officially released on October 28th. Check it out if you’re a fan!

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® IIBefore starting service
0.0 point  0 cases
The latest work that has evolved realistically! The long-awaited new work of series fans, which draws the continuation of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”, which was announced in 2019 and recorded a big hit, will be released on October 28, 2022.

In addition to a single-player campaign around the world with popular characters “Task Force 141”, you can play in multiplayer mode and story-driven CO-OP Special Ops.

Evolved AI and enhanced rendering system realize the highest level of reality in the series. It is a must-see work that accepts reservations in two types of editions.
A recommended new action FPS that supports 4 co-ops is being prepared for distribution on Steam

Graveyard ShiftBefore starting service
0.0 point  0 cases
A new horror game that supports CO-OP! A recommended new horror action FPS that challenges missions as a “private detective” set in an eerie graveyard and a Western-style building is currently being prepared for distribution on the Steam store.

Supporting both solo play and online multiplayer, the game is worth playing. Solve puzzles and battle while exploring maps reproduced with polygonal graphics.

The lightness of the required specs that can be played by a wide range of PC users is also a major attraction. It is a new game that is sure to progress the cooperative play element that you can play while cooperating with voice chat.
The long-awaited latest action FPS in the world-famous World War I game series.

IsonzoBefore starting service
0.0 point  0 cases
The long-awaited latest installment of the popular World War I game is here! A must-see action FPS for series fans who can experience the fierce battle with the theme of “Italian front” will be distributed for PC / Xbox / PS.

The Italian scenery and weapons of the time, which have been reproduced based on thorough historical research and in-depth research, are a major attraction. There is also a system that allows you to customize the appearance of the soldiers that appear, and it is worth playing.

The PC version supports Japanese UI and operation with a general-purpose controller as standard, making it easy to play. Let’s play the game while experiencing a fierce battle in a severe world where terrifying “poison gas” weapons also appear.

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