Backup data to new Android smartphone

Backup data to new Android smartphone

Backup data to new Android smartphone

Transferring data when switching smartphones or changing models is performed in two steps: backing up the entire smartphone (transferring) and individual backups for each app (transferring) .
Game apps often manage data on the server, so it is necessary to set up transfer before switching (change model).
Data transfer is mainly performed in the following two steps.
(1) Backing up the entire smartphone data (
2) Backing up data for each app (

1) backs up the app download/purchase history, in-app data, etc. may not. In addition, there are cases where the application data can be transferred only with the login information such as the application ID and password, and there are cases where it cannot be transferred. Whether or not data can be taken over only with a batch backup or login information for each application depends on the application. If it is not possible to transfer data using a batch backup or login information, we will support data backup for each application in (2). For (2), there are methods such as acquiring a transfer-only ID and transferring, which differs for each app.

It is necessary to confirm in advance before backing up which type of data transfer of the application you are currently using.
Depending on the game, some data cannot be transferred, so please check the official website in advance.

Please check the official website for how to transfer popular games.
From here, we will guide you through the following 4 patterns regarding the procedure for transferring all apps on your smartphone, including games, when changing models.
A. Transfer from “iPhone” to “iPhone”
B. Transfer from “Android” to “Android”
C. Transfer from “iPhone” to “Android”
D. Transfer from “Android” to “iPhone”
Part of the transfer uses a computer.

A. Transfer from “iPhone” to “iPhone”

There are two main ways to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone.
(1) Using iCloud
(2) Using iTunes

(1) Take over using iCloud
STEP1: Back up data from old iPhone to iCloud
1. Connect your old iPhone to Wi-Fi
2. Create iCloud backup

・Start the “Settings” app on your old iPhone and tap “Username” → “iCloud”.
・Scroll down the “iCloud” screen and tap “iCloud Backup”.
・After moving to the “Backup” screen, check whether “iCloud Backup” is turned on.
If it is off, switch it on.
Then tap “Backup Now”.
– Stay connected to the Wi-Fi network until the backup is complete.
3. Check iCloud backup

・Start the “Settings” app and tap “Username” → “iCloud” → “iCloud Backup”.
– Under “Backup Now”, you can see when the last backup was created.
If this creation date is the date the backup was performed, the backup is complete.
STEP2: Migrate data from iCloud backup to new iPhone1
. Initial settings for the new iPhone

・Follow the steps until the “Wi-Fi” screen appears.
2. Move to new iPhone

・Tap “Wi-Fi network” to connect.
・Follow the instructions until the “Apps & Data” screen appears, then tap “Restore from iCloud Backup”.
・Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password, and select Backup on the selection screen.
– Check and select the date and size of each backup.
・Keep the device connected until the restoration is complete, and proceed to the end of the setup procedure guided on the screen.
・If you are asked to enter a password or authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID, follow the instructions.
・Once the photos, music data, apps, etc. stored in iCloud have been downloaded to the new iPhone, the transfer is complete.
Take over using iTunes
STEP1: Back up data from the old iPhone to iTunes1
. newest versionUpdate to iTunes
2. Create a backup to iTunes

・Open iTunes and connect your old iPhone to your computer.
・Follow the instructions on the screen, and when the old iPhone is displayed in iTunes, select it.
If you need to encrypt your backup, select the “Encrypt iPhone backup” checkbox, specify a password you can remember, and click “Back up now”.
Please note that without this password you will not be able to restore from your iTunes backup.
3. Check iTunes backup

– Under “Latest Backup” on the “Summary” screen in iTunes, you can check the creation date and time of the last backup.
If this creation date is the date the backup was performed, the backup is complete.
STEP2: Migrate data from iTunes backup to new iPhone
1. Initial settings for the new iPhone
・Follow the steps until the “Apps & Data” screen appears.
2. Transfer data to new iPhone

・On the “Apps & Data” screen, tap “Restore from iTunes Backup” > “Next”.
・Connect the new iPhone to the computer used for backup.
・Open iTunes on your computer and select your device.
Select “Restore Backup”, check the date and size of each backup and select.
・If you need to restore from an encrypted backup, enter the password on the input screen.
・Transfer is completed when photos, music data, apps, etc. stored in iTunes are downloaded to the new iPhone.
Transfer from “Android” to “Android”

Transferring from Android to Android differs depending on the type of data handled by Android, and can be broadly divided into three types.
(1) Google service data
Apps that use a Google account, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Play Music, can be easily transferred to a new smartphone by setting up the same Google account.
(2) Data using carrier services such as docomo, au, Softbank Data
such as photos, videos, and phonebooks can be transferred using the backup service provided by each carrier.
With Y!mobile’s “Easy Data Copy”, you can easily copy the data in your smartphone to another smartphone using an app. You can also copy from Android to iPhone, and from iPhone to Android.

Data of other
apps Make a backup for each app or use a dedicated backup app to take over the data.

(1) Transfer data from Google services
STEP1: Back up data on the old Android smartphone
1. Select and back up apps to take over

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